pühapäev, 30. november 2014

Favorite video and BW Sunday


How are you all?
I really do love watching cute dog videos on the internet and today i will show You two of them.
First is dog-alphabet. Look how cutely they perform everything!

And second - lovely golden who just can't resist all the goodies!


Continues after videos...

I have accepted a challenge where in 5 days i have to make 5 Black and white pictures. I will show you 3 of them. First two are beautiful Estonian places and the third i will upload at evening. Third will be doggie related.
 Also i have updated Kiefers FB page with cute puppy pictures! Feel free to see them HERE

Theatre "Estonia" and christmas lights

Pirita Klooster (monastery)

And this is our toy wash day :-D

This is a Blog Hop from NOLA  and SUGAR

7 kommentaari:

  1. Very nice photos. I bet there are lots of wonderful places to take photos in your area.

  2. Thank You, yes there is. I definitely will show more beautiful places in the future

  3. Very nice. I love that old monastery building.

  4. That golden video cracks me up every time I watch it.

  5. Thank You! Yes, that golden is awesome :)


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