neljapäev, 27. november 2014

Kiefer @ Facebook

I just could'nt resist it and made a personal blog page to Facebook also. In facebook, there will be less text and more pictures. I try to tell Kiefer's story through pictures from the beginning.
 It has been a 3 years journey, up and down the hills. And maybe it will help someone to help an fearful dog earlier than me.

 We can be found Kiefer's Facebook page or simply please click the box at the right, where are follow-buttons.

Hope to meet You all!

Kiefer is also dog-reactive so it is our way to find doggie-friends, through the internet.

Have a nice thanksgiving! Thank You for being our friends!
 In our country, there is no thanksgiving so i will enjoy Your great pictures!
Puppy Kiefer

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