laupäev, 6. detsember 2014

#SepiaSaturday We are making progress!

For the last few days i am having a really good time with Kiefer!
 We made a beautiful photo of our walking buddy with Kiefer (they can't be more close because then Kiefer is over his treshold) and yesterday i had a great walk with seeing six different dogs and Kiefer was not lunging and barking like he mostly does.
 I know i was also in a good state of mind so i think my own behaviour afecceted Kiefer's behaviour also.
 Is there anyone else struggling with a dog-reactive dog?
 I would love to hear from you and read your blogs :)

Have a nice saturday! And thank You for hopping by and commenting!

Sepia Saturday

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  1. Hi Y'all!

    I used to leap straight up while barkin' when I saw a person or pup on a trail where we were hikin'. My Human would always correct me then put me in a sit or down stay so she was between me and the other animal or person. You see I love to run and play with other dogs, so I was always so excited to see another one.

    She still makes me heel on the off side if we're approached by a dog or Human, but i don't pay them any mind anymore. If there is a lunging or excited dog approaching she still makes me sit and stay until they pass. You see I'm a large retriever, so she doesn't want me to see scary, especially to small doggies.

    Y'all come one by,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  2. Hello! I struggle with aggressive behavior and my Papa is working on some trainings with me. My biggest weakness is exactly that: lunging at other dogs. I want to meet them but Papa says my greeting style is too "bitey." We will be posting about some obedience training techniques next Tuesday, and in the future at

  3. Nice to meet you and Kiefer! He's beautiful. I'm following you and I hope you will visit me at Terra Toby. Good point about your mindset going down the leash to Kiefer. It is well known that this is exactly what happens, the dogs take their cues from us.

  4. Hello! Nice to meet you! Cute pup! New follower of your blog. Come see us!

  5. Thank You for caring! I will definitely hop to your blog also! It is good to read that i'm not alone so i will wait forward all of your posts!

  6. I don't know much about dog-reactive dogs (our retriever was very gentle) but it looks like Keifer is doing well. He's sitting and looking away from the other dog and isn't focused on him. Maybe treat rewards for non-barking, non-lunging behavior would help refocus his attention away from the other dog.

  7. Happy Sepia Saturday! Great post. Ruckus can be reactive at times...but partially my fault because I taught him how to bark on command. Ever since then..he's got a voice!


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