pühapäev, 7. detsember 2014

Black and White sunday

At first i would love to share a beautiful video again. Border Collies are amazing :)

And of course my favourite black and white pictures
Teenage Kiefer

A happy dog with his adventscalendar

Have a nice sunday!

Thank you Nola and Sugar for hosting this awesome hop!

10 kommentaari:

  1. Gorgeous! :)

    Keep on wagging,

  2. Thank you! As soon i get to normal computer i can start hopping also! :-)

  3. Awww, he is ready for the daily calendar surprise! :)

  4. Its nice to meet you Keifer! Love Dolly

  5. Kiefer wags his tail and welcomes all of you! Sadly he is dog-reactive but we are so happy of our internet friends! Have a beautiful sunday! Woof!

  6. How adorable! Is Kiefer a flat-coated Retriever?

  7. I absolutely love Zoe the bc!! Such a neat video!!

    That is a gorgeous picture of Kiefer!! <3


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