teisipäev, 3. veebruar 2015

Our positive training success

As you all know, Kiefer is reactive to other dogs and due his lack of earlier training we are having hard times to deal with reactivity and training basic obedience.
 But we have positively progressed!

In this week i saw much more progress in obedience and tiny steps in reactivity.

We have made associations that barking dogs behind the fences mean minced meat and contact with me means good kibble (he loves his training kibble, it's different than daily kibble)

 Also we have seen about 5 dogs. One walked pass us, we stayed on the edge of the road and Kiefer ate minced meat all the time.
 2 dogs he saw in appropriate distance so he sat and ate. No reaction. Yes, he was still annoyed but did not react badly.
 One dog walked behind us about 20 m away and Kiefer was able to look at me (or my hand)

At home, where we have less distractions he has learned his paw targeting quite well and manages to do figure 8 between my legs without hand-luring.

And our most biggest victory - Kiefer goes out in the dark! It took about 1 year to overcome his fear of evenings! About 22.30 i say, Kiefer let's go out and he comes on first call!!!
 This is my first and biggest winning!
I want to learn more about dogs, how dog thinks, how to train dogs positively so i ordered 5 books: 1. Emma Parsons - Click to Calm
 2. Karen Pryor - Reaching the animals mind
 3. Emma Parsons - Teaching the Reactive Dog Class: Leading the Journey from Reactivity to the Reliability
 4. Pat Miller - The Power of Positive Dog Training
 5. Patricia McConnell - The other end of the leash

Hope to receive them soon and gather more information and wisdom to be a good positive human to my dog.

February is
Responsible Pet Owners Month. Thank You Cascadian Nomads and Tenacious Little Terrier for this Positive Pet Training Blog Hop .

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  1. Those are all great books and it sounds like you are making wonderful progress with Kiefer! I definitely sympathize with the challenges of a reactive dog. Thank you so much for joining the hop!

  2. I just finished reading "Click to Calm" and had a workshop with Emma! I'd also suggest "Control Unleashed," I hear the puppy version is more organized.

  3. Thank You very much, i will definitely read Control Unleashed also. And yes Lara, there are days when i want to bang my head through the wall...

  4. Congratulations! It's important to recognize the successes. Our Leo is very leash-reactive and lately we ONLY go out at night, because there are fewer bicycles and joggers to cause problems. We use string cheese and have had a few beautiful moments where I could get him far enough from the stimulus that he takes the cheese and doesn't react.

    A few times a bike has come too close, and one time I ended up with a bloody finger because he was so stressed. It's all a work in progress!

    1. Thank You for your story. I am really excited to go and read Your stories

  5. Congratulations on your successes!! I'm so glad to read that Kiefer is making progress!

    Those books you chose are awesome! The Karen Pryor one is definitely one of my favorites!

  6. Thank you for sharing your successes in the Positive Pet Training Blog Hop this month. Brychwyn is also a reactive dog and I know how important it can be to celebrate the baby steps. Reaching The Animals Mind is one of my favorite books. I look forward to finding out what you think of it and the others. Congratulations again on your positive training successes! Keep up the good work.

    1. Thank You! I will definitely share my thoughts on the books!


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